Monday, November 8, 2010

Problem solving...


Okay, what really an engineer do to solve a problems? You will wonder how they works only to solve a variety of problems might come in future in order to give a comfortable life to human mankind. Engineers always deal with a calculations to analysis a problems and below are some of examples which other major cannat solve with their speciality and kowledege. This is only an examples and not a real one but can be acceptable, maybe. This article is belongs to Oh, Best! website and let’s enjoy the solution.


Prove that (2 / 10) = 5

1. The Art Student : This is out of syllabus!
2. The Commerce Student: “This is wrong”.
3. The Medical Student: ‘It is strange’. “How it is possible”.
4. The Engineering Student: “Oh, it is so easy!”

(2 / 10)
= Two / Ten
‘T’ is common, hence = wo / en

‘W’ is the 23rd letter and ‘O’ is 15th;

‘E’ is 5th and ‘N’ is 14th.

Hence, (wo / en) = (23*15) / (5*14)
= (345) / (70)
= 4.929
= 5

Engineers are never worried for the What is answer.

They will only ask: Which answer you want...

“That is ENGINEER!”

p/s: Engineer is always an engineer, so proud of it ;)


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